Frequently Asked Questions

One large egg has 186mg of cholesterol – all of which is in the yolk. A person with no health concerns should consume about 300mg of cholesterol per day. If you... more

Eggs absorb strong odours in the fridge, so they should be stored in their carton.... more

We stamp a 28-day Best Before date on our egg cartons to ensure maximum freshness and Grade A quality. ... more

The Best Before date printed on the carton is the best guide for freshness. If an egg has a bad odour it is probably best not to eat it. The freshest eggs have ... more

To make perfect hardboiled eggs, use mature eggs (see the Best Before date). 18-7 days before BB date is ideal for hardboiling. Cook for 10 minutes to hardboil,... more

Refrigeration limits the growth of bacteria, so eggs should be kept refrigerated at all times. A properly refrigerated egg will keep 7 times longer than one tha... more

Happy, healthy hens lay eggs once every 24-26 hours.... more

Eggs must be fertilized by roosters in order to develop into chicks, and the Farmer's Finest eggs you find at your grocer's are not fertilized. Blood spots occu... more

Runny eggs that have been properly refrigerated and have not exceed the Best Before date marked on the carton are still safe to eat.... more

Yes, and it is also true that eggs have the highest quality of protein.... more

Yes, there is a difference in the nutritional values of Organic eggs, and other advantages including that the feed has not been exposed to pesticides or herbici... more

There is no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. White eggs are produced by white Leghorn hens, and brown eggs by Rhode Island Reds hens. Brown ... more

Free Run eggs are produced by hens in open, cage-free environments roaming freely in an open concept barn that has a variety of nests and perches. Free Range he... more

If an egg has a high level of Vitamin B12 or riboflavin, the white can have a green colour. ... more

Large eggs come from mature hens, while the small and pee wee eggs come from young hens. ... more

The hen’s diet determines the colour of the yolk.... more

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