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Free Run Eggs


Free Run Hens

Our hens run free in the hen house

Free Run Eggs are produced by hens in open, cage-free environments roaming freely in an open concept barn. 


Free Run hens enjoy all the advantages of Free Range hens with the exception of access to outdoors. They are able to socialize and move about the barn without restriction, and they have a varied selection of nesting areas to choose from. Hens are able to jump up onto perches, rest awhile, then coast down to another.


When their eggs are laid they roll onto conveyor belts, so they can be moved quickly into refrigerated storage without the interference of people moving about the barn to collect them.


When it is time to rest, hens find either a nesting box or a perch to sleep on, and they all settle down at the same time, after much fussing and slowly fading of clucking noises.


Because we prefer to minimize human contact or disruption of normal routine for the hens, food is delivered into barns using augers – always available and always fresh. Our  feed contains no medications, hormones or antibiotics.

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